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“Crucified Saints from Late Antiquity to the Modern Age”

This volume explores the theme of crucified saints in Christianity in an interdisciplinary and diachronic perspective. From Saint Paphnoutios to Saint Wilgefortis, from the Ten thousand soldiers on Mount Ararat to the Japanese martyrs, crucified saints have been both a local and a global phenomenon. They have inspired and captured the imagination of artists and faithful, but they have also been theologically challenging and at times strongly censured. Unease about direct comparisons to Christ has created divergent paradigms for his apostles, for example, so that traditions about how to represent or describe their manner of death are at times quite mixed (as in the case of Andrew). Conversely, other saints have become ‘crucified’, whether or not this has been their actual means of martyrdom. Exploring the motivations for stressing similarities or differences according to the specific historical circumstances is a driving theme in this volume.

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